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Left: Keith Haring, Untitled, 1982. Right: Raf Simons

Keith Haring invented Raf Simons

Keith Haring's painting is awesome – just ask Raf Simons, Vincent Gallo and Peter Saville

Begüm Sekendiz Boré is a visual artist and writer based in Paris, cross-referencing fashion with ideas from fine art and contemporary culture to create new dialogues. Again & Again collects original works by the French artist on the fashion weeks and beyond. 

Seven weeks since The Rage in Eden yet Peter Saville and Raf Simons won't let go: They just visited Keith Haring at The Museum Of Modern Art in Paris. 

As welcome gifts, Raf brings Keith his pyramid jacket and Peter, his Factory Records. Upon realisation that the records are not from the Factory he knows – the Factory owned by Andy Warhol who is Keith's mentor – Keith's dog starts to snarl. Raf and Keith laugh at the absurdity.

Out of nowhere, Vincent Gallo appears wearing an Helmut Lang parka that goes perfectly in line with the theme of Keith's exhibition entitled 'The Political Line'. The gift Vincent brings though looks rather at odds, almost like a situationist détournement - when he goes juxtaposes it with Keith's 'Safe Sex' .  

Vincent then tells Raf how much he likes his work at Dior. So does Mickey Mouse. Waiting for the private gigs later in the evening by Kraftwerk and Sonic Youth; they go outside for a puff. Vincent complains about the Los Angeles Arts District Business Improvement District not doing its job properly.

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