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The Biker Project

AllSaints breathe new life into the wardrobe staple

AllSaints, the raw and edgy fashion house synonymous with biker jackets, has taken the wardrobe staple to a whole new level. The Earlham Street store, open for nearly 15 years, is the hub for the new 50-piece installation branded ‘The Biker Project’.

The collection displays AllSaints’ boundless creativity and their ability to constantly re-invent, proving they really are the masters when it comes to the biker jacket. A multitude of variations feature, everything from ponyskin to calfskin, to studs, capes and sumptuous quilting fill the abandoned warehouse aesthetic of the store. The installation is truly refreshing and shows there’s still some lively, creative energy left in high street brands, and it's possible to offer more than just garments. The short film accompanying ‘The Biker Project’ drives home what is so great about AllSaints – the trailblazers of craftsmanship with an unpretentious and accessible rock and roll London vibe.

The film gives an insight into the techniques employed by the brand to produce these one of a kind pieces; jackets being repeatedly immersed by hand in dye, hammers being used to draw out the perfect texture and the design team quite literally tattooing each jacket to mark not only their authenticity but to highlight the one-of-a-kind nature to the project.

The Biker Project is showcasing at 5 Earlham Street, Covent Garden