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Photography courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony x Spring Breakers

Harmony Korine's pop poem/fever dream gets a souvenir uniform, courtesy of Leon and Lim

You've seen the film, read the interview and Dazed Twitter takeover and now you can wear the basketball shirt (or Spring Break 4Ever rubber band). Always on point, Opening Ceremony have created, with Korine's blessing, a surf shop souvenir collection based on his wild fever dream, bitches.

"Before I started writing the script, I was collecting all this spring break imagery – these pictures of adolescent debauchery," Korine says of the film's inspiration. "I would take the images from strange websites, fraternity message boards, party websites, co-ed pornography sites and, at the time, I was using the images for my artwork. I thought the images were really interesting. They were hypersexual and hyper-violent but had childlike details within them – like the little socks that the girls wore, the neon bathing suits, the pink nail polish, the Hello Kitty backpacks, the Mountain Dew bottles, and the puke on the bunk beds. It was as though the images were in a coded language and I thought it was an interesting backdrop and a metaphor for what came to be later."