Mercedes-Benz Focus: Ayhan Yetkin

The young designer at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul using skin-tight leather and futuristic silhouettes

Spiritual transformation and evolution were the references behind Ayhan Yetgin's dark and heavily sculptural collection. Showcased in a intimate presentation, he worked with a restricted colour palette of blacks and metallic greys, turning the focus to his exaggerated and highly constructed silhouettes. This season, he disregarded the proportions of the human form and replaced them with flat and 3-D extensions, which appeared as graphic shapes across the front of garments and on the bottom of tailored trousers. “The use of geometric patterns and the 3-D effects demonstrates the relationship between body and soul,” he explained. “It reflects a variety of emotions one experiences during the phase of transformation towards self- discovery.”

A certain restrictiveness also dominated the collection. Not only with Yetgin's sharp and almost futuristic silhouettes, but with his use of skin-tight leather, which was often slit across the elbows. “The mood of the collection is slightly dark and depressive,” he said backstage, as his models appeared with slicked hair and dark graphic eyes. “Living in İstanbul, on one hand nourishes my creativity, on the other hand blocks it in some ways. Mechanical everyday living as well as all the aspects of metropolitan life...It’s rather nature that encourages me to express myself.”

Music courtesy of Digital Farm Animals

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