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Ryan McGinley's Africa

Big pictures from the world's hottest continent

After collaborating with EDUN on two previous campaigns, ‘Beautiful Rebels’ and ‘Birds of Prey’, iconic photographer Ryan McGinley’s latest offering ‘African Shower’ not only displays the intrinsic connection between the creative partnership, but also breathes new life into the notion of fair-trading through the series of images showcasing the collection.

Staying true to their core values of ethical production and incorporating African culture into the Western fashion world, the images from EDUN’s SS13 campaign are filled with vitality and spontaneity, capturing the unique interaction between animals and people.

An icon of Africa and among the largest and most beautiful land animals, the elephant is playfully set against a tropical rainbow of colours as the cast rejoice in the rainfall: a symbol of renewal, re-birth and a rare commodity in the world’s wildest continent.

At the heart of the campaign lies an important plea to raise awareness of the plight of the African elephant and encourages all to consider the endangered species. In partnership with WildAid, a non-profit foundation dedicated to ending illegal wildlife trade, the EDUN website will provide detailed information on how to get involved in he cause.

"Animals are a big part of my work - they always bring something beautifully unexplained to a picture"   
"There is a little extra electricity in this seasons images that comes from putting the models together with a true African elephant. It's impossible not to acknowledge a certain sense of danger and the respect you have to have for this amazing animal".

T-shirts are 100% Ugandan cotton, made in Africa 

McGinley has collaborated with Edun and WildAid on a collection of T-shirts featuring Susie (the elephant). They will cost £48 and be available from from Feb. 18.