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CSM students dress the Queen of Monaco

A heritage knitwear label looks back at Princess Grace of Monaco's sartorial archive for inspiration – with help from London's elite design students

As part of their long-term collaboration with Central Saint Martins and the Nouveau Musee National De Monaco, Pringle of Scotland present their latest collection of knitwear inspired by the wardrobe of H.S.H Princess of Grace of Monaco. Designed by Central Saint Martins MA Fashion Design Course students, the regal-inspired collection takes on a more casual feel, focusing on Princess Grace’s daily wardrobe and of course in particular, knitwear. Following a BA student-curated exhibition at the Nouveau Musee National de Monaco where they presented an intimate study capturing her style in the most relaxed and familial situations, together they've taken aesthetic elements from the exhibition, and translated the influences for the capsule knitwear collection. Here, we speak with Grace's daughter about her mother's style:

H.R.H. The Princess of Hanover: "We cannot ‘collect and hoard and show to just a privileged few or cognoscenti’, but try to spark off an interest and a thirst for knowledge with young people from various horizons. That’s why this project that landed on our lap was so thrilling - to work with students, well, help them, they did all the work! it was immediately a relationship of trust, and admiration for their work, we all know they are probably going to go on to brilliant careers, so it all started very happily and joyfully. intense, but I think the result is quite amazing. Just mentioning the archives, we tend to look at them as something rather dusty and precious, but it was a happy time. they are what is left of what was ‘it’, what was absolutely that moment in time where it was fashionable.

That was what people wanted to wear, or desired, and so it’s very difficult years later to try and put yourself back in that frame of mind to consider' fashion that way, because of course, if we wore some of the things again it would look probably silly, which is why this work is so interesting.

It is using elements of the past and broadening them and widening them to what we wish or want or like in our present and we get a glimpse at our future. that is how i see it.

There have been other exhibitions on my mother, around her and her hollywood career, lots of costumes, couture clothes, but this is special because the knitwear, or these pieces that she wore were used for more informal or family or, how shall I put it, happy times, so there is a sort of joy in that it is not so static.

I am a little bit cautious and wary of old clothes because there is a little sadness in it when you see them, but with this they were clothes for happy moments."