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Alice Anderson, "Immured", 2008, site-specific sculpture made of 3000 metres of red fibre.YOHJI YAMAMOTO

The Rage in Eden

Begüm Sekendiz Boré's Paris Womenswear AW13 is a bucolic waiting room

Begüm Sekendiz Boré is a visual artist and writer based in Paris, cross-referencing fashion with ideas from fine art and contemporary culture to create new dialogues. Again & Again collects original works by the French artist on the fashion weeks and beyond. 

In Milan's Poetry in MotionGucci had arrived just in time with Manolo Valdés Sculptures from the Bronx Botanical Gardens.

In Paris, Christian Dior arrives with a Jim Lambie sculpture from the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden and it was about time: Jim Lambie had last made an appearance in Jil Sander Men's SS11 Collection. Things looks serenely bucolic but it's just the calm before the storm. The calm before the Rage In Eden, to be more specific. Have a look at Ultravox's Rage In Eden album cover designed by Peter Saville and you'll get the drift.

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