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Marte Mei van Haaster at IMG, @martevanhaasterPhotography Lea Colombo

Chanel AW13

I should Coco: Karl Lagerfeld takes us Around the World

TextSusie LauPhotographyLea Colombo

“The world turns and we turn with it.” Or so says Brad Pitt in Chanel’s No. 5 campaign. Pitt is a sagely fella. As we entered the Grand Palais and were confronted with a gigantic black globe spinning around slowly, revealing every Chanel store in the world pin pointed with a double “CC” flag, we began to understand those lines of Pitt’s mysterious monologue. Just as Chanel’s dominance and power grows in the global nature of luxury house expansion, we watch in awe, marveling at the three hundred Chanel stores that now grace planet earth. This power statement was also timed with Chanel celebrating its one hundred year anniversary since its first store opening in Deauville in 1913.

Even with this anniversary in mind, there was no rehashing of the past from Karl Lagerfeld. In fact, he stomped this collection with an authority that was very much rooted to be relevant for the today. To a mix of Daft Punk’s 'Around the World', which boomed around the venue, came a collection that stomped its way in, trussed up in leather wader boots, front-split zipper combo skirts, slouchy street smart jackets and lean 'n' mean jackets and coats that flared out with supremacy. As ever, Lagerfeld hones in on fabrication technicalities that this time were deceptive such as the multiple of tweeds woven with metallic threads and ribbons, giving off shine and creating new grid formations for this famed fabrication. As always though, Chanel runs the gamut. Want some denim?  It comes embroidered with multi-coloured yarn florals. Want floral? They bloom in fifty shades of grey in origami formations over voluminous jackets. How about a touch of geometric? Memphis-esque knit patterns scatter easy knitwear. 

Ultimately, Lagerfeld is saying there has and always will be a Chanel something-something for everyone, from all over the world. A good start would be those globe-shaped miniaudiere clutches hanging off the models. There’s a statement to competitors. Chanel aims to own the world of high-end luxury.

Hair: Sam McKnight

Makeup: Peter Philips

Models pictured: Edie Campbell-@ebcampbell, Kel Markey-@kelmarkey, Marte Mei van Haaster- @martevanhaaster, Iris van Berne-@irisvberneJosephine Le Tutour-@JospehineLT_, Nadja Bender- @NadjaBender, Janice Alida-@janicealida, Meghan Collinson-@MeghanCollinson, Sam Rollinson- @SamRollinson, Pauline Hoarau-@PaulineHoarau, Julia Nobis-@JuliaNobis1, Samantha Gradoville- @SamGradoville, & Lindsey Wixson-@lindseywixson