Boy's Zone

Boxing clever with the likely lads of this season's key menswear collections shoot

This month, for our annual Spring-Summer collections issue, we went to the pub.

Stylist Celesestine Cooney explains the shoot: "Jacob Lillis's work is very rooted in England. The English of pubs and crisps and pints and scotch eggs and football. So we really felt the story should reflect that. The idea of the ferrets came about because Jacobs  parents go to a pub in Huddersfield where they put the ferrets in the pool table and people take bets on what pocket they will pop back out of. The ferrets were so cute but they stank. So bad. I had to get my coat dry cleaned afterwards."

On the boys, Celestine said this: "Ben was a bit scared of the pigeons which is ironic as he's a cage fighter. Oliver looked like he was going to be really shy but he was actually very outgoing and fearless. The snakes were the star attraction, we were all mad about them. We all spent ages taking pictures of ourselves with those guys." Tough tough toys for tough tough boys. The video is above, and the full shoot is below. 

Taken from the March Issue of Dazed & Confused