Nastya in Bloom

Snow business with Robbie Spencer and Jeff Bark's white-out collections shoot and film

StylingRobbie SpencerPhotographyJeff Bark

In the March Issue of Dazed & Confused, our newly appointed Fashion Director, Robbie Spencer, and New York-based fashion photographer, Jeff Bark shot a stunning shoot featuring the ethereal model Nastya Kusakina for the Collections Special. Inspired by cherry-blossom season in Kyoto, Japan, the upstate NY shoot coincided beautifully with a snow shower. Dazed Digital's new fashion director Robbie Spencer explains why Nastya was the perfect girl for his collections-issue shoot" "We wanted a model with pale porcelain features to contrast the dark forest, Nastya with her white blonde hair and ghostly comlexion was perfect." After the snow cleared, Jeff Bark watercoloured the actual prints by hand, lending "a dream like quality to the story". See the full shoot taken from the magazine here alongside a stunning film, 'Nastya In Bloom', shot on set. 

Rick Gradone at Atelier Management
Lisa Houghton at Tim Howard Management
Nastya Kusakina at Women
Photographic Assistant
Chris White, Sam Cole
Styling Assistants
Alison Isbell, Catharina Pavitschitz
Susan Gin
Noah Shelley for AM Casting