He Loves You

Models of New York bat their eyelashes about their valentines

February the 14th has come around once more, either with grim, churning inevitability for the single, impending doom for the under-prepped or rolling bliss for the happily wife'd and hubby'd. For some much needed perspective on the lovelives of the really, really, really good-looking, we filmed models telling us abut their crushes and ones. Take it as a gift from us to you, for your lighties and your boos. 

Film by Iganacio Torres
Models in order of appearance Douglas Nietzke at Ford, Val Dolezal at Request, Miles McMillan at DNA (@miles_mcmillan), Ian Mellencamp at CLICK(@ianmellencamp), Chris Moore at Wilhelmina (@moorechrisplz), Hampus Luck at Wilhelmina(@hampusluck), Malcom De Ruiter at Ford, Sebastian Sauve at Soul Artist(@sebastiansauve), Paolo Roldan at Soul Artist.