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Theory Feb 11 2013 MReay IIMG_8865
Elisabeth Kirsch at Wilhelmina & Olivier TheyskensPhotography Mark Reay

Theyskens' Theory AW13

Making sleeping on a spaceship cosy? That's Olivier...

Theysken's Theory AW13 was a short story. Shorts under the house's signature tailored jackets were roomy and easy, layered in pairs. An inch hem of wool peeked out under green pony hair, for example, and black leather versions flashed from under quilted skirts. And this tale gets deeper. Theyskens said this collection expressed his idea of futurism. Not a sci-fi utopia in which we all wear skin-tight silver suits with platform boots and jet packs. This future is realistic and wearable, with room to move and breathe in elegant pieces that could look stylish for a century. If you can't wait to fast forward, Olivier's got you covered: "I imagined the last dress as being for sleeping on a spaceship for 100 years," the designer said after the show. It's cocoon shape was certainly cosy, and beautiful enough to ensure that when you emerge from a million lightyear journey, you'll look effortlessly contemporary.

Hair: Odile Gilbert 

Models pictured: Irina Nikolaeva (@irok_nike), Nastya Kusakina (@Kusakina_Nastya), Carolina Thaler  (@carolthaler), Grace Hartzel (@Gracie2477), Muriel Beal (@murielbeal),  Jenna Earle (@missjennaearle), Janice Alida (@janicealida), Lauren Bigelow (@laurenbigs)