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Edun Feb 2013 M ReayIMG_6615

Edun AW13

A beam me up exploration of youth culture

The transportive set at Edun was a welcome departure from the bleachers-shaking-bass of many large scale shows at NYFW. Here, a circular stage was flanked by white birch trunks, and above, a net of criss-crossing neon lights cast a spacey blue hue in the room. Presentations like Edun's are staged more than once during the show time, and if you remain in the space, it's fascinating to be utterly transfixed one moment, only to have the lights come up and jolt you back to the a generic white show space the next.

The collection sought to explore youth culture, and cool motorcycle leather combined with silver lamé and delicate, drippy chain flourishes definitely described the Young Aesthetic Today. But what we young'ins would see as beautiful clothes built for our stage of life became so much more at the presentation's finale, when the group stood in a circle at the edge of the platform, as if they were about to be beamed up. To what planet? What does it mean that the youthful cues in this collection-turned-cult ritual are so familiar? Just when you're on the brink of a fashion-induced existential crisis (scoff not, it can happen!) the lights come up and the crowd floods onto the once-sacred stage, crossing to get to the door. Ah youth, always on to the next.

Models pictured: Katlin Aas ( @AasKatlin), Miles Langford (@MilesLangford), Kel Markey (@kelmarkey), Robert Laby (@RobertLaby), Sui He ( @sui_he), Julia Nobis (@JuliaNobis1), Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam), Zuzanna Bijoch (@BijochZuzann), Grace Mahary (@GraceMaharyFans), Ava Smith (@Avakattos)  Noma Han (@nomahan), Juliana Schurig (@juliana_schurig)