Burger Wave

Profiled - the jacket that clothed the wild boys of 80s Milan

Featuring Kingsland Road burgers, and inspired by "80s comic books and teenage photoromance magazines" as well as Kenneth Anger's short films, fashion photographer Alexandros Pissourios has made us an exclusive new film. Commemorating Milan's scooter ragazzi for this short commissioned to celebrate the re-release of Henri Lloyd's Olmes Carretti jacket in its original vivid colourways, Pissourios has created an impressionistic portrait of the boys and girls of the Paninaro subculture, the Milanese scooter gangs that took the jacket to heart in their 80s heyday. Set to a disconcerting backdrop of intermittent abstract sounds of thunderbolts and such, the film languorously moves between rich, colour-saturated shots of a beautiful duo kitted out in the vivid collection, surrounded by kitsch all-American foods and the highway in the night. A garment that nearly 30 years ago crossed the English Channel to the Med is about to embark on another voyage. Race into the sunset, and slurp that shake.