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Katie Eary AW13

Vampires and tortured souls featured on Katie Eary's runway, so backstage she tells us about her own obsession with horror

Katie Eary created a new breed of vampire on yesterday's runway. Models emerged with fangs, slicked back hair and wearing bold prints - all to a heavy soundtrack of A$AP ROCKY. Yet this season Eary looked to the past to create her contemporary vision of undead beauty. “I started by looking at eighteenth century paintings of banquets,” she explains; a reference that manifested itself in her use of hypnotic pink floral prints and blue lobster designs, which were taken from the compositions and rich colours of these paintings. These bold tones stood in contrast with her more muted garments. Particularly a series of inky blue and midnight black tailored jackets – something that could have been taken from a contemporary Dracula film. With horror in mind, we caught up with Eary backstage to talk slasher movies and how the collection came about: 

“Horror is something I am constantly obsessed with. I love the 90s Scream movies. We all had sleepovers and watched Scream movies and loved it. I started by looking at eighteenth century paintings of banquets. I was looking at the food actually and then I thought what if there were bodies amongst it – this idea of eighteenth century gore. The prints came about as they were always covered in flowers and with lobsters – because that was the food of the rich. In terms of tailoring, I wanted to show that I can do it. I gave it my own twist.”