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Channelling a suburban teenager's eyeline of New York punk, the knitwear trio took mohair to aggressive extremes

SIBLING's catwalk motif of 'PLEASE KILL ME', rendered in flowers, bemused a couple of editors on Twitter. Which is bizarre when generationally they should've been into the 70s punk icon who decreed exactly that on his T-shirt, the brilliant Richard Hell. Hell, along with Paula Yates and Jayne County were the muses for Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery this season, which saw their collection take mohair to aggressive extremes with super-sized knits, seen through hats, giant scarves and their signature biker jacket. They offered the following to explain themselves over email:

“It was the meeting of Britain and America that was interesting for us. It was the idea of being a suburban teenager appreciating the cool of New York punk but living in a nowhere land in Britain. When you grow up of course you appreciate both sides; the domestic has become as important to us as all of the cool stuff in what we do, particularly in this collection. But when one of us was a teenager in Leicester and our friend got a letter from Richard Hell, it was like Jesus had written to us! We were disproportionally excited.” – SIBLING

Take an exclusive listen to Jerry Bouthier's show soundtrack, with insight from the man himself:

“[SIBLING's] Joe Bates picked a handful of tracks, mostly from the ‘76 NY burgeoning punk scene, Richard Hell & the Voidoids (who came up with the safety pin concept!) and the Clashy ‘Love Comes in Spurts’, larger than life character Wayne/Jayne County & The Electric Chairs and the surprisingly bouncy ‘Night Time’ and the opener, Suicide, with the rattling voodoo-like ‘Ghost Rider’. The finale is on an altogether different tip (as you do), Paula Yates and British Electric Foundation (aka Heaven 17) performing a rare cover of ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking'. I added some extra beats, some noises, effects and tried to make it flow, it was fun to do.

The collection looks great. It has some new twists, the oversized winter gear for example. As always it’s brash and loud, but also extremely refined with a great sense of humour. Which is pretty much what attracted me to British culture. I can totally relate to Joe, Sid and Cozette’s style vision, kind of punk-disco, you know flamboyant with attitude and again a sense of fun that’s so essential to today.” – Jerry Bouthier

SIBLING AW13, 8/1/13, London, The Hospital Club, show music by Jerry Bouthier.
Suicide – ‘Ghost Rider’
Wayne County & The Electric Chairs – ‘Night Time’
Richard Hell & the Voidoids – ‘Love Comes in Spurts’
Finale: B.E.F. & Paula Yates – 'These Boots Are Made For Walking'