Raf Simons SS13 film

Director and photographer Pierre Debusschere gives us the insider scoop on the new Raf Simons campaign, styled by Dazed's senior fashion editor, Robbie Spencer

"The idea behind this season's imagery came to life through a discussion between Raf Simons, Marieke Van Dongen and myself – our starting point was the SS13 show with the L.A. feeling and artist Brian Calvin's world. We texted with Raf about great movies we saw such as 'Last Days' by Gus Van Sant and 'Suspiria' by Dario Argento. Plusl paintings by Steven Shearer and Brian Calvin.

We wanted to talk about a teenager, a fan of music with a dialogue between grunge and nature.

From here the mainframe was decided; two boys sitting in a bedroom listening to an interview of someone they're a fan of. We wanted something real so I didn't force any movement during the filming process. We used the hair by Guido from the show as a starting point which didn't place too much much focus on the models' faces. There could be any teenager underneath this hair.

We couldn't speak about teenagers without talking about an object of desire either, that's when we decided to include Anne-Catherine Lacroix as the incarnation of a pure teenage dream girl.

We're not talking about sexuality but more feelings and emotions, the awkwardness of a teenage relationship, without saying too much about it."

Director Pierre Debusschere at Art+Commerce
Styling Robbie Spencer at Intrepid
Art Direction Marieke Van Dongen at Raf Simons
Hair Naoki Komiya at Julian Watson
Make-Up Adrien Pinault at Management+Artists
Models Andrew Westermann at Tomorrow Is Another Day, Matthieu Gregoire at Success and Anne-Catherine Lacroix at HMM
Director Assistant Ismael Moumin at 254Forest
Director of Photography Amandine Klee
1st Assistant Camera Graham Johnston
Sound Designer Frederic Ameel at 254Forest
Styling Assistant Elizabeth Fraser-Bell
2nd Assistant Sebastien Meulenbergh
Line Producer Claire Silva Moreira
Post Production Pascal Oberlin
Gaffers Pol Seif, Edwin Van Hove
Production 254Forest