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Yuima Nakazato studio visit

The designer famous for his hallucinogen metallics talks on day four of Nicola's takeover

As a pendant to Nicola Formichetti's full-on fashion in the #Fantasia issue, we set out, guided by the superstylist, to meet some of the most exciting Tokyo design talent of the moment. Yuima Nakazato makes brutally futuristic menswear, famous for his holographic pieces. Though the designer tells us his next collection will be different. So keep an eye out.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us when you launched your label?
Yuima Nakazato: After my studies at Royal Academy of Antwerp, Ann Demeulemeester said: "Individuality should appear in a course, as well as in a creation". I started my label in my hometown of Tokyo, 2009.

DD: Who wears your clothes?

Yuima Nakazato: Mainly youth but especially people who like fashion.

DD: What's your most famous design?

Yuima Nakazato: The most famous designs are the hologram items (made from special material like a jewel/beetle). In my first collection there was a men's hologram dress and I've continued it up to now.

DD: What's the best moment in your career so far?
Yuima Nakazato: When I see someone wearing my clothes.

DD: What are your hopes for the future?
Yuima Nakazato: I want to express a richness of mentality in my work.

DD: What's your favourite thing about Nicola Formichetti?
Yuima Nakazato: His creation stems from the fusion of two cultures, Japanese and Italian. This will continue to broaden the horizons of fashion.

Photography Daisuke Hamada