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Chloma studio visit

We visit Junya Suzuki and Reiko Sakuma's Tokyo workspace on day 3 of Nicola's emerging designer portfolio

As a pendant to Nicola Formichetti's full-on fashion in the #Fantasia issue, we set out, guided by the superstylist, to meet some of the most exciting Tokyo design talent of the moment. Junya Suzuki and Reiko Sakuma are the team behind Chloma, a brand which operates in futuristic, spacey silhouettes.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us when you launched your label?

Junya Suzuki: I started my brand as Junya Suzuki in 2009. The name of the label was changed to Chloma when Reiko Sakuma joined in 2011. Both of us studied at ESMOD Tokyo.

DD: Who wears your clothes?
Junya Suzuki: Our clothes were liked by celebrities and musicians. However, we're now making clothes in order to dress Akihabara idols, people on the street and our friends.

DD: What's your most famous design?
Junya Suzuki: The Gundam space dress which Pamyu Pamyu is wearing in the #Fantasia issue of Dazed. Plus the Nendoroid coat made from wool and cashmere, inspired by reworked anime characters. 

DD: What's the best moment in your career so far?
Junya Suzuki: It is difficult to choose. Whenever a something sells, I feel high. Nicola's #Fantasia shoot did that for me.

DD: What are your hopes for the future?
Junya Suzuki: I hope Japanese people can love their appearance and present-day culture more. And to share this beauty overseas.
DD: What's your favourite thing about Nicola Formichetti?
Junya Suzuki: The freedom of his work, his work makes you feel free.

Photography Daisuke Hamada