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Charlotte Free's best night ever

We speak to the Los Angeles-born model, currently the face of ASOS' christmas campaign

Charlotte Free was scouted at an arcade in LA by photographer David Mushegain. The following week, IMG put her on a plane and she's been shooting and walking catwalks for the likes of Jeremy Scott and Vivienne Westwood since. "Walking for Vivienne Westwood was a dream come true for me," Free tells Dazed Digital. "And one of my favourite experiences aside from signing Maybelline was going to Hawaii for a shoot – I got to be around nature and swing from vines." Currently starring in the ASOS Christmas campaign, we learn the ingredients of the Californian model's perfect night out…

Dazed Digital: Madonna once sang 'only when I’m dancing do I feel this free'. What tune makes you lose it on the dancefloor?
Charlotte Free:
There are so many songs that make me lose it on the dancefloor. ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson is one but my taste varies depending on what mood I’m in. I’m also working on my own music and there will definitely be some great tracks to dance to.

DD: Was it tiring dancing on the shoot all day?
Charlotte Free:
No, I loved it. The energy was so great, I could have danced all day.

DD: Three is the magic number. What two pals would you call for a night out and where would you go?
Charlotte Free:
The only person I need to party with is Gryphon O'Shea. We have such a great time together.

Photos by Bianca Vázquez