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EXCLUSIVE: Roberto Cavalli's 43 Paintings

Filmmaker Gabriele Giussani captures Cavalli's celebration of sensuality in motion

43 looks, 43 'paintings' as decreed by Roberto Cavalli, who presents women as their own work of art. Magdalena Frackowiak, Julia Nobis, Joan Smalls, Sigrid Agren, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Bette Franke, Marie Piovesan, Meghan Collison, Mackenzie Drazan, Liu Wen, Zuzanna Bijoch and Marte Mei van Haaster were just a selection of the top tier cast to endure the neverending flashbulbs that come with a Cavalli event, clad in shredded and cut-out leather, crystal, lace and mousseline. Picture the fantasy of what a fashion show feels like – this catwalk was exactly that.

Gabriele Giussani