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Robert Duffy

Marc Jacobs' business partner on 'Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco', Roger Padilha and Mauricio Padilha's book tribute to Antonio Lopez.

Without Robert Duffy there wouldn't be any Marc Jacobs, at least not as we know the man and the company today. Having met almost 30 years ago, the pair has gone through both good and bad times. Today they split the business duties between them, and even though Marc is the designer, Duffy is very much part of the empire's creative output. Having launched the Marc by Marc lines, Duffy went on to establish BookMarc, the highly popular book store selling art, fashion and music literature on Bleecker Street in New York. The concept has now reached Europe with stores in Paris and London. While in the UK, we sat down with Duffy and talked about his latest obsession: 'Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco', Roger Padilha and Mauricio Padilha's tribute to renowned fashion artist Antonio Lopez.

"I was working on a project in New York and I remembered all the Antonio Lopez ads form the 60s and I remembered a couple of Perry Ellis ads and a couple of Fiorucci ads. I becam obsessed with finding these pictures. And then Marc said: ‘why are you talking about Antonio Lopez?’ and I said: ‘I don’t know, but I'm working on a window display project’. I was obsessing about finding these images and then I heard that this book was coming out, and so I called the BookMarc manager to order it in. She had already bought it and it was already in the store! I needed it for reference for something that I was doing and am still working on... I got really inspired by the book and the colours. Antonio Lopez is great, I just love his energy, he was fearless and it came out of nowhere and it was very inspiring to fashion at the time."