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Roksanda Ilincic Womenswear SS13

The designer showed her art-inspired SS13 collection within the impressive Deco surroundings of the Savoy

Roksanda Ilincic's SS13 collection was inspired by the work of artists Niki de Saint Phalle and Josef Albers. Shown in the emotive Art Deco surroundings of the Savoy Hotel, Ilincic contrasted graphic shapes and textures, making use of various hues of orange. We caught up with the designer to talk more of the inspiration behind her linear leisure wear.

Dazed Digital: Niki de Saint Phalle's fountain at Centre Pompidou was my first childhood art crush. Was that your introduction to her work too? How and when did you first encounter her art?
Roksanda Ilincic: I actually came across her art by chance; I was in the vintage book shop back home and I spotted a book with a very colourful front cover. When I opened it I was faced with the image of the audience entering and exiting a huge female sculpture via her genitals... WOW, I thought!

DD: How do you see Niki de Saint Phalle as a role model for today's women?
Roksanda Ilincic:
Niki rejected the conservative values of female archetypes of her time. She created her own world, with new rules; creativity and fun were a big part of it!

DD: How do the different oranges in your collection make you feel?
Roksanda Ilincic:
I like orange and all its variations since to me it represents the sun – something warm and soothing but that could burn you at the same time. I also liked using tonal variations together as it added more depth to a piece.

DD: What inspired the bows around the models' necks?
Roksanda Ilincic:
Bows have always been a signature detail of mine but this season, the bright colours and tubular shape reflects the rest of the collection – and the work of Saint Phalle. They add a more playful touch too.