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Christopher Kane Womenswear SS13

Screw this: a new take on fasteners and construction by London's golden boy

Christopher Kane's playful collection referenced a novice's experiments with construction and expression – yes, that was Frankenstein in the detail – while his cut proved him to be a young master. His use of oversized plastic screws as fasteners and decoration, and 'taping' jewel embellishment to an organza dress finale, was reminiscent of students' creative projects. Using materials found in kids' arts and crafts, his palette was kept pale and elegant – pink, white and lemon dresses or motorcycle jackets, had bows, woven lanyard and massive plastic screws. When these screws held together the front and back panel of a white dress by its peaked shoulders, or closed the sides of a square-shaped white jacket, these garments looked like pieces of construction paper cut around the models' body. Every item gracefully moved with the models' bodies, elegantly expressing Kane's extraordinary talent and mature artistry. And contrasting high and low like no other designer.