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Arizona Musing

Dazed Digital met with the American beauty and G-Star's newest Muse on a hot day in Berlin...

It's a hot day in Berlin and Arizona Muse is keeping her cool perched on a Prouvé collaboration chair. We're at Bread and Butter at Tempelhof airport where the model is launching her A/W12 G-Star campaign, lensed by Anton Corbijn (she succeeds Clémence Poésy as the brand's womenswear face). "He has such an iconic history with music and doesn't shoot models normally, so I felt part of a different group, that was a really cool feeling," she reveals. "We spent two days in the Alps. I'm from the mountains and love being at high altitude – there’s something so crisp and special about the open skies and big vistas."

Muse hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and skiing, snowboarding and riding horses is in her blood, an adolescence far removed from the fashion industry. "I had a big name for a little girl!" she laughs. "I like it now, I didn't always. My mum’s English and my Dad’s American. They were living in London and moved to Tucson, Arizona before I was born. My mum was really impressed with the desert so they named me after it."

She's grown into her moniker since Dazed's March 2011 fashion issue was dedicated to her. And now she's got a supermodel gang: Karmen Pedaru, Joan Smalls, Freja Beha, Jessica Stam and Cara Delevigne are her muses. "We feel like a team and I think most people would be surprised by that, they wouldn't expect models to be friends," she says. "We spend most of our time goofing around at shows and expecting never to be booked again! We never assume anything about each other but have a shared understanding."

"The right outfit coupled with 48 seconds of complete alone time on the runway feels electric," she continues. "No-one can stop you. You're in a good place." A show is going well if she catches herself thinking what to give son Nikko for dinner whilst walking.

Does she have any supermodel advice for Dazed? "If you have shoes that are a bit tricky, tape them on! I'm talking about double sided tape on the inside of the shoe, not gaffer tape wrapped around your ankles. That would be the biggest fashion faux pas ever!"