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Tourne de Transmission Menswear S/S13

Graeme Gaughan's line of words and images is fuelled by period tourist posters this season

Now in its third season Tourne de Transmission, which translated means Rotating Transmission (a reference to the symbiotic relationship between words and imagery), has expanded from a t-shirt line into a full collection. As always, TdT has a strong monochrome print base, but the S/S13 range experiments with colour, like mint green and pastel pink; referencing aged newspapers, vintage images and holiday snaps and tailoring them into high-octane prints splattered with banner phrases and shaped into classic sportswear styles, like slogan t-shirts and sweaters.

Treading the boards of the fashion industry in all respects, Graeme Gaughan, the force behind brand TdT, is both PR and designer (although he would never describe himself as such). Working for IPR, who represents red-hot London talent such as Katie Eary and Christopher Shannon, means Gaughan can call on industry heavyweights for help and advice. Curious to know more, Dazed Digital snagged a few moments with Gaughan to discuss TdT further.

Dazed Digital: Can you describe your approach to fashion?
Graeme Gaughan:
I wouldn't call myself a designer by any stretch. TdT is about reinterpreting casual wear shapes with a much more visual approach. I mainly work with jersey products, as it seems to be the best canvas. As sweats and tees are a core part of most people’s wardrobe and are becoming a core part of each TdT collection, I looked at a lot of vintage sweats for finish and fit. 

DD: TDT draws on a variety of references – tourism, sportswear, newspaper print...
Graeme Gaughan:
I have traditionally looked at vintage newspapers and old photographs for inspiration, but the lust for a good old holiday, mixed with unearthing some great 50s and 60s tourism posters, pretty much led the way this season. I really wanted break down the idea of the 'great escape' into key words that worked graphically as statements while also penning the collection's theme together. For S/S13 we have taken things in a more structured direction. We have introduced some relaxed tailoring with the same print techniques as the sweats, (which was a challenge for the factory, but they came up trumps!) I don’t do repeat prints – all TdT prints are one image – so getting the perspective and print to work across the whole garment seamlessly is not easy.

DD: What do you think about menswear's increased interest in print?
Graeme Gaughan:
I think that essentially it’s fun and nice to see, things can get a bit dull otherwise. And, it shows that men are becoming more and more adventurous with what they are buying and wearing, which is refreshing! I love the idea of saying something by combining two unrelated things, so in TdT's case it is words and images, it’s about how the wearer creates or lives the statement.