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EXCLUSIVE: Katie Eary Menswear S/S13

Full-on Cali colour and filthy hip-hop, Dazed Digital streams Mano's 'God Save The Queen' show finale

Katie Eary kicks, pushes along the West Coast of the US this season, placing California skate and the decadence of carefree youth on a pedestal. In orange, aqua blue and purple, silhouettes are XXL with slim, low-slung jeans for definition. Silk jersey baroque ocean prints are fused with neoprene whilst shirts are cut in pure silk to billow with movement, especially when left open. Rucksacks glisten in patent white embossed crocodile and biker jackets are constructed in black baby calf leather. Heavy gold curb chains repeat throughout, similarly gold hardware through zips and studded towel cages. And 7.5 printed skateboards have mirrored gold Katie Eary branding.

'God Save The Queen' by producer Million Dollar Mano, part of Kanye West's crew, was the heavy soundtrack to the finale walk-through, an American English tribute in contrast to Eary's transatlantic enconium. Dazed Digital streams the track and checks in with the man himself...

Dazed Digital: How many years have you been making beats?
Mano: Since freshman year of high school – do the math!

DD: What inspired you to create the track 'God Save The Queen'?
Mano: I made it for my homie Virgil Abloh (BEEN TRILL). They had to do their premiere BBC DJ set and he asked me to make my version of that song for the intro of their mix. The mix had a drill sound which goes hand-in-hand with a huge part of my sound. I'm known for mixing a lot of genres but I feel like the TR-808 and 909 kits are always my glue.

DD: HRH Queen Elizabeth II has the best jewellery, hasn't she?
Mano: She got madd bread. She gotta put me onto her crown jeweller connect!

DD: What do you admire about Katie Eary?
Mano: She's INCREDIBLE, she's a true lifestyle designer. If she needs something, she makes it herself and to her quality standard. Her eye to collage certain patterns and colours looks damn near uncanny.

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