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Model Behaviour: Madison Headrick

We caught up with the American model following her shoot in the June issue of Dazed & Confused

Following Codie Young, Madison Headrick is the second of make-up artist Yadim's Rene Gruau artworks come to life in Dazed's space-themed June issue. A graphic figure between photography and illustration, Headrick was styled by Karen Langley and photographed by Dan Jackson for the editorial. 

The American model may be beginning, but she has hit the ground running, walking Prada as an exclusive in her debut Milan season, A/W12, and following up with Kevin Carrigan's Calvin Klein presentation in New York.

Dazed Digital: What 5 things would you take into outer space?
Madison Headrick:

1. My iPod because I couldn't live without music.
2. Bubbles so I could watch them float.
3. A journal to tell of my adventures.
4. A telescope.
5. A camera!

DD: Where is your favourite place on earth?
Madison Headrick:
My hometown: Charleston, South Carolina. I love it because it's absolutely beautiful! It has true southern hospitality, great people, great food, a wonderful atmosphere and above all else, my loving family is there! Nothing makes me happier than being with my family!

DD: How was the shoot you did for the issue with Karen Langley and Dan Jackson? Do you have a favourite memory from it?
Madison Headrick:
The shoot was so fun, I loved how different and artistic it was! The images turned out amazing and totally different than what I expected. I have never seen anything like them before. Very unique!

DD: What's been the greatest thing that's happened to you since you started modelling?
Madison Headrick:
The greatest thing that has happened to me since I started modelling was getting to be a Prada exclusive for the show. It was my first season and didn't know what to expect – I had so much fun! It was a dream come true and will definitely be a memory I will never forget!

DD: Tell us something we wouldn't expect of you...
Madison Headrick:
Something that someone might not expect from me is that I really enjoy writing and hope to one day get into journalism or broadcast journalism. I really like to be in front of the camera and was a news reporter on my high school's weekly TV show.