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RAD by Rad Hourani A/W12

While showing his A/W12 collection in Toronto, we chatted to the designer about his use of green, living in New York and the bird chirpings in his films

In celebration of his fifth anniversary, Canadian designer Rad Hourani showed an encore presentation at the A/W12 Toronto’s Mastercard World Fashion Week. His RAD by Rad Hourani collection was mostly in his signature black, but tempered with touches of somber green. Coats and jackets were slightly voluminous, strapped down with harnesses and belts, and paired with leggings and boxy bags. Details like oversized lapels and subtle geometric inlets added interest. The models seemed otherworldly, dressed in a utilitarian subdued elegance. Rad Hourani’s clothes are framed by his desire to be free of any boundaries beyond his own terms (unisex, sharp edges, narrow long cuts). It’s heady cerebral stuff but it works. 

I don't see why do we need to divide things by cities, gender, seasons, rules, religion, race, nationality, age etc?

Dazed Digital: I see bit of a military influence. Tell me about the colour green?
Rad Hourani: Maybe it feels a bit military because of the belts and the green. For me it was the study of the colour green and what I felt like wearing. It’s a reflection of the power of existence and nature, the person who wears it is confident. It also reflects where I am today. It’s a pleasure to be invited to Toronto to celebrate my fifth anniversary; the clothes are made in Canada so we’re also celebrating the “made in Canada” production. But it’s just the beginning of the celebration, we’re jumping all over the world – London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong. We’re also coming up with a book and a movie.

DD: Favorite filmmakers?
Rad Hourani: I don’t have one. I admire artists and filmmakers who have a signature style, where you know it’s them without having to say their name.

DD: Tell me about the film soundtrack? I heard bird noises...
Rad Hourani: The soundtrack for the film is a remix from my past five year's soundtracks from Mekele and Nico Muhly, mixed by Andrew Gordon Macpherson. The bird sound reflects lightness and freedom.

DD: What kind of materials did you use?
Rad Hourani: Wool, satin, leather, rayon, and jersey. They’re classic and timeless in a way. I manipulated the material to give it more shape and body without really layering it.

DD: How’s living and showing in New York?
Rad Hourani: I spend most of my time between New York and Paris. New York is more of a "get it done" city and Paris is more of a "take your time" city. But, I don't see why we need to divide things by cities, gender, seasons, rules, religion, race, nationality, age etc? I like all cities and no cities. I prefer to see the difference between the universe and the world as I think that circumstances have brought me to move around from an early point in my life. I've felt compelled to continue on doing so, for this experience has made me consider things in a wider perspective, with no restrictions.

DD: If your aesthetic was a song or art what would it sound or look like?
Rad Hourani: Unisex, timeless, symmetric, straight, black and slick.

Text by Jen Tse
Photos by Timothy Baga