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Cassette Playa Womenswear A/W12

Carri Munden on her new collection video...

This season is a mini collection of women's and men's – digital print, knits and tees featuring all my favourite graphic inspirations: future animal prints (inspired by geckos, tree frogs and 70s sci-fi fantasy art!), Jim Philips, Deadline Comics and Memphis! My favourite piece for women is the wool and neoprene Lolita dress: killa cute! And the Crusader merino wool jumper with stripey sleeves for men – 2012 knight/thug!

The video was inspired by Gregg Araki films. All supersaturated colours, overactive hormones and drug fuelled close-ups! Two teens getting ready in a bedroom to go to an 'end of the world' party. It was directed by Grace Ladoja who also directed my last video and worked on "I can haz ur nightmarz turnz 2 dreamz" with me for Pitti Uomo in 08. It was styled by Anna Trevelyan – perfect powerbabe team!

Toby Boyo and Jade had the perfect energy, I wanted the video to be positive, playful and sexy. The soundtrack 'Go 2 Hell' from Araabmusik/Dipset Trance party reflects this too: thug but euphoric!

I love the immediacy and accessabilty of the video format – for an A.D.D generation in a digital age it's the perfect way to express your ideas and for others to access your world.