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Jean Charles de Castelbajac S/S 09

Man Like Me gave a performance that almost eclipsed the clothes were it not for the fact that JCDC also made a change of direction in his style.

Welcome to JCDC’s very own universe.  The JC IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS S/S 09 show was with no surprise an engaging presentation of 45 technicolor silhouettes – men and women - set on a blue catwalk patterned with white Disney clouds.

Camden trio Man Like Me provided the soundtrack, performing their energetic hip hop electro vibes for the first time in Paris, which got Paris Fashion Federation president Didier Grumbach, dancing in his seat. The initial part of the show was cartoon influenced with the recurrent use of multicoloured stripes and the white Disney clouds prints on mini dresses, tailored suits and all in ones.

The incredibly funny Mickey Mouse shoes were designed in collaboration with Freelance. Accessories like hats, bangles and sunglasses were built out of Lego a and beige trench and cotton safari  dresses gave nods to Africa. References to the economic and political climate are made with sequins dresses printed with a ‘Carte Gold’ print and a portrait of Obama. In fact there were serious notes that were unexpected as it was the first time de Castelbajac has designed black dresses, all are in different lengths, using a lot of satin and zips.

The more casual looks takes shape with JCDC high top trainers made in collaboration with Nike ID and the same repetition of the Lego bricks motif, printed on oversized backpacks. At the very end of the show Jean-Charles de Castelbajac made everyone smile with the dresses bearing Natalie Portman and Kirsten Dunst, two people who might never be JCDC clients. A short white wedding dress with voile closed the show, making the fashion week wedding tally up to three.

After the show JCDC commented on his 40 years of work: “My work is not about only showing fashion. When I do shows I am not only doing catwalk shows, I am interested in creating real installations, what I want is to set up an atmosphere and show images with meanings.”