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Diesel Black Gold Menswear A/W12

Renzo Rosso incorporates his love for the Wild Ones with his fur-collared coats, cropped trousers and leather bombers for their first standalone show at Milan

Utilising Diesel's position as contemporary brand - known and worn all over the globe by just about everyone - and Renzo Rosso's knowledge and experience of high end fashion and outstanding quality, the Diesel Black Gold collection is in an excellent position to prosper. And it's easy to see why one would like this. The Autumn Winter 2012 collection - their first standalone menswear show in Milan - builds Rosso's love for anything rock-related, rebel-associated and Wild Ones-inspired.

This means lots of leather and denim, boots, key chains and red velvet suits. Naturally, the show kicked off with a biker jacket, and continued with leather bombers, heavy knits and fur-collared coats. Trousers were cropped just over the ankle, sat underneath a suit jacket, either a suave tuxedo type or a casually worn three-piece suit. The collection perfectly blended Diesel's idea of formal yet edgy suits with more rock'n'roll focused casual wear. Add to that a red and black stripe pattern that straddled both looks and you're onto a winner...

Dazed Digital: How come you moved the menswear line to Milan?
Renzo Rosso:
I love New York but the label is doing so well, so we had to divide them. Milan is the most important menswear city in the world.

DD: What inspired the collection?
Renzo Rosso:
This is an contemporary line, we always look at rock and rebels and how that can influence the clothes

DD:  But there's quite a lot of formal stuff in there as well…
Renzo Rosso:
Yes, but since we're a casual brand it's very important to keep the wearability of the brand, not so much stiff clothing!

DD: Is there a piece that stands out to you, a favourite?
Renzo Rosso:
There is a beautiful jacket where the colour tones change in the fabric, and I like the denim in general, especially the denim that is treated to look like leather.