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Casely-Hayford S/S12

We look closer at exclusive images from the father-son duo's new collection and chat to Charlie about the lookbook and the inspiration behind it

With another stellar collection soon in the shops, we caught up with Charlie, one half of Casely-Hayford, for a chat about the new season. Working together with his dad, design legend Joe Casely-Hayford, the S/S12 collection boasts a career-high for the duo through their unique fusion of traditional British menswear with a distinct sporty and casual approach.

Colourful combinations and comfortably cut pieces dominate Spring Summer 2012, as seen in these images exclusive to Dazed Digital. As always, Joe and Charlie tend to the aristocratic heritage through their elegant English menswear pieces, most notable in the coats, slippers and suits, but also through additional polo shirts, merged jackets and shirts, primary colour blocking and polka dot shirts, the 'Touch' collection - Casely-Hayford's seventh outing - manages to pick up where they left off last season while still pushing forward, always looking to explore their sartorial potential.

Dazed Digital: What inspired the collection?
Charlie Casely-Hayford:
 The S/S12 collection explores texture, touch and the tactile. We introduced pattern through the use of texture like our jacquard or embroidered suits and super light silk patchwork quilt jackets.

DD: Tell me about the lookbook, amazing venue, where was it shot?
Charlie Casely-Hayford:
 We shot this look book in Durham in two amazing locations, Biddick Hall and Lambton Castle. We don't do catwalk shows, so it's important to convey the Casely-Hayford lifestyle through our look book. We work with our team to find some of the best locations around England. Each season we shoot with photographer Katinka Herbert. The Casely-Hayford man represents modern international English style, it's important his surroundings reflect his spirit too.

DD: Is the collection a bit more colorful than others?
Charlie Casely-Hayford:
 We love colour and pattern and have used both heavily in some of our previous collections. This season we've launched a new 'Made in England' shirt collection that incorporates a lot of colour, which we're really excited about. The price point is good. Design is modern, and it's constructed by one of the oldest shirt makers in England. They'll drop in stores over the next couple of weeks.

DD: How would you compare this collection to the previous one?
Charlie Casely-Hayford:
 We're gradually introducing more casual elements into the selection. We've produced a number of high end bombers and varsities this season and we've had an amazing reaction to the shirts. 

DD: Can you describe the design process for you and your dad?
Charlie Casely-Hayford:
 We work between London and Tokyo, designing each garment together in London and then sourcing English, Italian and Japanese fabrics before heading out to Tokyo to work with our team there. Each season we draw from English sub-cultures, English social uniforms, and take inspiration from the way sportswear has integrated itself into the everyday life of British street culture. Trans-culturalism plays a large role too in our influence... a term we use to describe the ever growing cultural diversity on the streets of London. The references are subtle in the final collections, but ever-present.

DD: How would you define the DNA of the brand?
Charlie Casely-Hayford:
 Innovation through tradition. It's about relaxed masculine clothing and a genuine passion for craftsmanship. 

DD: Do you have a favorite piece in the collection?
Charlie Casely-Hayford:
 ‘Glamis’, the ribbed collar shirt. It's a fusion between a classic English shirt and a bomber jacket and has already become a bit of a brand signature. We've been asked to make some exclusive colourways for the lead singers of a few English bands. 

DD: What's next for you, are you showing/presenting during LFW?
Charlie Casely-Hayford: 
We're heading to Paris and Japan in the next few weeks to present our new A/W12 collection to buyers and press.

Photography Katinka Herbert
Photographic Assistant Christopher Kennedy
Model Hervé
Art Direction Casely-Hayford & Son
Location Biddick Hall and Lambton Castle