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Fred Butler S/S12

Intricately constructed, colourful and futuristic pieces inspired by underwater creatures were accessorised with striking head pieces and big ruffles

Creative powerhouse, set, accessories and garment designer, and regular fixture on the creative side of London's emerging community, Fred Butler has been steadily establishing her position as the go-to girl for something super colourful and cosmic over the past few years. Known for her beautifully hand crafted and rainbow bright aesthetic, this season Fred presented her collection in the stately Portico Rooms of Somerset House. The perfect juxtaposition for the underwater creature inspired, multicoloured and glimmering futuristic pieces.

Standing in the centre of the room were three statuesque creatures wearing a combination of incredibly intricate and bright and bold pieces. Their outfits were a short jumpsuit in what seemed a wetsuit-like material, in bright yet still powdery orange, blue and pink. Accessorised heavily with Fred's technical yet super fun looking pieces including a mask made of numerous multicolour rods, hand painted concertina sleeves, a tropical looking head dress and oversized ruffles.

Dazed Digital: What was your inspiration for the presentation?
Fred Butler:
It started with a colour that I had in my mind. Then later I went to go and teach with the photographer Jason Evans at a university and he showed me a book about underwater creatures. In there was an image of a creature and it was the exact colour that I had in my head, so that became the beginning of this collection. 

DD: How did that influence the shapes and forms?
Fred Butler: I looked the creatures up and saw that they were kind of made up of these ruffled shapes and that translated into the pieces, with all the concertina shapes. When I was at Glastonbury this year I was working with the NYC Downlow and created a headdress as part of my outfit. It was built up of a lot of fake flowers based around a scrunchy. That scrunchy really became another strong element, again reflecting circles and that concertina shape.

DD: When you're designing do you have someone in mind, other than yourself?
Fred Butler: I'm never really sure, I just design because I feel that the piece has to be made, I just follow an instinct and a feeling of where I want to be going, but it always seems to be something that is pretty cosmic but at the same time pretty cute.