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Siki Im S/S12

Inspired by the Arab Spring, the NYC designer focused on loose silhouettes in black and blue... and white George Cox shoes

As one of the last shows on Friday, Siki Im had the honour of closing the first 'proper' day at New York Fashion Week. The Germany-born designer took over a sixth floor warehouse on Varick Street and showed a collection focused around black, navy and a lighter shade of blue. The trio of colours gave the collection a certain sense of casual sophistication, helped by Im's intellectual glasses and elegantly counter-parted by pointy white George cox shoes. The silhouette was loose and comfortable, coats flowed and shirts came extra long.

The trousers were wide and many tops wrapped around the models, almost giving them a martial art feeling. Most of the more formal jackets were cut without lapels. Siki Im is one of five designers nominated for the Dorchester prize, and this Spring Summer collection was Im's addition to the competition. It certainly was a confident contribution, a statement of intent, and perhaps a winning hand!?

Dazed Digital: What was the collection's starting point?
Siki Im: Well, I started designing it around the time of the Arab Spring so that was a big influence. Also the fact that Western societies go the Middle East to spread their idea of democracy and freedom....

DD: And how does that transform onto the catwalk?
Siki Im:
Well, basically I use lot of denim indigo that I mixed up with bigger silhouettes, Middle Eastern draping and wrapping. It's a juxtaposition that can be harmonious. I suppose I try and combine those two cultures.  

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?
Siki Im:
I really like the denim and the George Cox shoe collaboration.