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Thakoon Online

We speak to the designer behind the New York label about his new e-commerce directions and upcoming projects

In light of the new Thakoon site recently launched this summer, we spoke to the New York-based designer about the new direction with their first e-commerce platform on The site will offer visitors access to exclusive pieces of ready-to-wear from all of Thakoon’s collections - Thakoon, Thakoon Addition, and Carbon Copy. The e-commerce launch is the next stage in the label's ongoing online initiatives, where in February 2011, unveiled new social media features which including exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes access to the designer’s creative process.  

Dazed Digital: What benefits will the new focus on E-commerce bring to Thakoon wearers and why is this necessary?
Thakoon: For us, it’s really about guiding the brand and testing new ideas. We have the opportunity to control how customers will perceive the brand. At the same time it is a platform to really experiment maybe with new ideas that may be more fashion or more sophisticated. I think the customers and fans are so savvy these days that I’m curious to see how savvy they are.

DD: Did it feel natural for you to move from a background in business, production and writing into fashion designing?
Looking back, I realised that I was basically dancing around design the whole time. I always envisioned myself as a designer, but it had to be at the right time for me to feel the push enough to do it. So when I did it, I guess I had enough background to make a good run of it.

DD: You emphasise how diversity is one of the key aspects behind your designs, why do you feel this is important today?
It’s a global fashion world. I travel quite a bit and you see the differences, even though people know and want all the same luxury brands. I thrive on problem solving, too. And it’s much more challenging to think about the global landscape as opposed to just dressing one particular group of people...because what fun is that?

DD: What are you most excited about next for the label?

Thakoon: Retail stores! I feel like I could taste it, so it’s really exciting.