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adidas: All In

Dazed presents the new campaign by the cult sportswear brand featuring Katy Perry, Caroline Wozniacki and Li Bing Bing

You may remember the recent campaign from adidas wildly flashing across your television screens, where teasing glimpses of musicians like DJ Mehdi, B.O.B. and Katy Perry were jostled next to the world's greatest footballers, skateboarders, tennis players and all those cheering for them - soundtracked by Justice's epic comeback single 'Civilization'.

Now set to feature the likes of the world's number women's tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki (who Dazed Digital spoke to out on site), Katy Perry, Chinese actress Li Bing Bing, Berlin-based DJ Baby G, volleyball champion Wei Qiuyue and the Staatsballett ballet dancers from Berlin - the ongoing campaign based on the concept of "those who dare" will be bringing together all of adidas' women's collections across their sport, street and style ranges in a brand new film. Through the world's most influential women, proudly flagging their truly inspirational core message, adidas are going all in.