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Supra Skytop III

The leading independent footwear brand launches the new third edition of the popular skytop model and we talk to skater Chad Muska to get the lowdown on his latest pro model

Sneaker fans will be pleased to hear that niche indie footwear brand Supra has finally unleashed the Skytop III! Maintaining the perfect pairing of skate and fashion the new model features moulded TPR cage and lines reminiscent of the original model's design. And the inside of the shoe is as glorious as the outside with a mesh booty to keep your feet fresh and supported, and of course a Skytop wouldn’t be complete without the skater Chad Musksa's design tradition of including a stash spot behind the tongue. 

As Muska himself describes the new shoe, “it’s part tech runner and part basketball shoe, mixed in with the lines of the original Skytop.  Available in four colour ways and finishes including white in gunny TUF, black nubuck and grey and red suede.  We checked in with Chad Muska, the creator of the Skytop, to find out a little more...

Dazed Digital: What were the main inspirations for the Skytop III?
Chad Muska: The 90's, the progression of footwear in general and the love for creating something new.

DD: How does it compare to the original versions of the shoe?
Chad Muska: I think it draws inspiration from the original lines of the 001 and 002 but it is bringing something new to the table instead of another Vulc high.

DD: Who would be your ideal icon/model for the new shoe?
Chad Muska:
Me of course!!! Haha! And anybody who wants to wear it the way that they want to wear it!

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Chad Muska: The skytop 004 and global domination as always!