Beauty news
ColourPop Sailor moon
Sailor Moon make-up is here and we are obsessed
Weibo earphone challenge
People are tying earphones around their waists to show that they are thin
Monte (Robert Pattinson) in High Life
Robert Pattinson says he smells like crayons
Cupid Insect
Forget make-up! Adorn your face with Cupid’s insect-inspired jewellery
Is this the first time Timothée Chalamet has had bad hair?
Elle Macpherson
Elle Macpherson wants to help you have better sex
Cynthia Erivo
The secret meaning behind Cynthia Erivo's starry Oscars manicure
matthew a cherry deandre arnold oscars 2020
DeAndre Arnold slays Oscars in locs that got him banned from graduating
karamo brown
Watch out JVN, Queer Eye’s Karamo is getting into the grooming game
La Beauteė Herme Ės Visuels secondaires
Getting lippy: Hermès moves into beauty with megawatt line of lipsticks
Erykah Badu for Givenchy SS14
You will soon be able to smell like Erykah Badu’s vagina
The 6 weirdest things we learned from Grimes’s pregnancy beauty routine
Wishful Skin
Huda Kattan expands her beauty empire with skincare brand Wishful
Selena Gomez rare beauty brand launch
Selena Gomez is launching her own brand, Rare Beauty
Kat Von D
Influencer culture to blame for Kat Von D stepping away from beauty brand
Plus-size brand navabi just launched a gallery of plus-sized stock imagery
Tati Westbrook
Tati Westbrook is the latest influencer to be criticised for bad products
Glow Recipe
How to win a goody bag of glowy Korean beauty products
glossier pop up london covent garden
Glossier’s cute floral London pop-up is here to stay
TikTok soy sauce
No, TikTok, you can’t taste soy sauce with your testicles
glitter microplastic eco sustainable selfridges
Selfridges says goodbye to all plastic-based glitter
Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau’s ‘cheap’ scent dragged for ripping off Hot Topic
Ayesha Amir
Ayesha Amir is the beauty blogger battling acne and haters simultaneously
jennifer renee albinism influencer make-up ivoree beauty
Ivoree Beauty is the new brand catering for people with albinism