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So you want to practice sex magic?

We asked Tree Carr, the author of the recent A Spell A Day, on how to harness the power of sex magic to reclaim your sexuality and achieve your goals

In sex magick, orgasms are the ultimate magical force. They can help to align the spirit with the body, using sexual energy to manifest personal goals. It can be practised alone or with a partner, and can help to cleanse the body or reconnect with your spiritual and physical self, and reclaim your sexuality to heal from past trauma. This is done by setting an intention – anything from finding love to strengthening pre-existing connections or cutting chords with a tricky ex – and releasing your energy into the universe. But make sure it’s clear in your mind before you get started!

Today, in celebration of Samhain, AKA the witches’ New Year, we asked Wiccan high priestess Tree Carr, the author of five books on witchcraft, including the most recent A Spell A Day, to offer some practical insights on how to harness the power of sex magick achieve your goals.


Sex magick can be done with a partner or during masturbation, but Carr recommends to start with your own energy. Begin by centering yourself: ”it’s about sensing and feeling your own energy through a variety of techniques of observation, holding your hands in certain ways and feeling the energy around you,” she explains. “You won’t be able to tango with another person if you don’t know where you start and stop first.”


An important part of sex magick is learning to shield yourself from anything interfering psychically with your energetic field, and protect you from any unwanted or negative outside influences. First step is to cleanse your space using a herb like sage, then define your circle. “You literally cast a circle around you in the area that you’re doing your ritual,” says Carr. You can use candles and crystals here to mark the perameters of your circle. 


Get familiar with four elements, or cardinal points: air, earth, fire and water. Calling on the elements allows you to tap into the energy of sensuality, feeling the energy move through your body. This is an important time to reconnect with your sensual body without the need for external stimuli, like porn. “What’s really good is creating a setting that’s ritualistic,” says Carr. She also recommends being ‘sky clad’, AKA completely naked, which all helps to dissolve the barriers between yourself and the cosmos.


The candle functions like a portal during a sex magick ritual; but to go a step further, Carr suggests burning a few things for purification as well, like herbs or resins. “This can help to clear psychic connections,” she explains. “Rosemary is a really good one, it’s an ancient plant ally known for its protective qualities. It’s a guardian herb and it’s really good for psychic protection and dissonance.”


Now that you’ve prepared everything, begin by focusing in on yourself and visualising the energy radiating from your body – but take it slowly. “Starting with yourself is stimulating a sensual response of your body and feeling aroused. That arousal is going to start in your groin but what you need to do is separate that need to scratch the itch until you sneeze,“ she warns. Then visualise the energy radiating from your body and send it upwards into the universe. “You’re literally letting that orgasmic energy rise through the body, but you’re being very open,” she adds. “Come back into yourself, step back into your your power, and realise that you are innately powerful in your own right.”

A Spell A Day is out now. Find out more here.