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Scary fairy tutorial: Learn how to do ‘gorelesque’ Halloween make-up

Drag artist and MUA Vlad Von Kitsch brings their signature gorelesque style to a spooky fairy make-up look perfect for Halloween

It’s Halloween, pretty much the only holiday dedicated to transformation. For one night a year, we all come together to break the codes of social norms and disguise ourselves, becoming anything we want to be through the power of make-up and costume. For everyone looking to bring a spooky feel to their usual sugar, spice and everything nice aesthetic, Vlad Von Kitsch is here with a sweet-but-scary make-up tutorial. The drag artist and MUA is known for their signature ‘gorelesque’ style and beauty looks that combine his deep passion for horror movies, drag and alternative music. For this tutorial, they update a familiar favourite: the fairy.

Step one is to create your base, leaving space around the eye. Von Kitsch uses a mix of Mehron clown white and Grimas Crème make-up in the shade 404 to create an emerald green. Next, take white make-up to fill in the space around the eye, to make them appear bigger. After setting the base with powder, you can start to add colour.

Start by applying the brightest colour to your inner corner and blending it towards your nose bridge. Take the next shade and apply it right above the first. Finally, apply the third and deepest shade and blend, following alongside the direction of the first two shades. Also, you can use this shade to contour your nose, nostrils and just on the top of your chin.

The next step is to draw some big and dramatic winged liner. Von Kitsch uses Inglot’s AMC Eyeliner Gel with Duraline. “I like to make a little line above each eye as a guideline for where I want the wing to connect to because it helps to get each side even,” they say. Then draw on an additional eye on each cheek, because four eyes are better than two. You can do this by marking out roughly on either side where you want the inner corner of the eye to start (that will help them to be symmetrical). Next draw on the eye shape, following the shape of the lash line, and paint on the pupil and if you want to really bring out the eyes and give them more dimension, contour around the lash line.

Finally, for Von Kitsch’s signature corpse mouth, start by blending a black eye shadow around the lips. Next, using the Inglot Gel Liner, draw lines spreading out from around your lips. The goal is to make them look like crack lines or tree branches. Lastly, apply a black lipstick and your scary fairy look is complete. Watch the full tutorial below.