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Dazed beauty gift guide holidays
Photography DeadHungry

What to buy your weird beauty-obsessed friend for Christmas

For the goths, cherubs, punks, sad girls, sirens, ketamine chic freaks and skinny brow lovers

Ho, ho, ho you ketamine chic freaks, you cherubs and punks, you sirens, goths, ugly make-up aficionados and skinny brow renaissance men. This beauty shopping list is for you.

Expertly curated by the weirdos that inhabit the Dazed offices, this gift guide has everything you need: brow blockers, face oils, vampy lipsticks, sad girl serums, post-ironic nail polish, vibrators, and much more. ‘Tis the season for indulging yourself and your loved ones. Merry Christmas you filthy animals, we love you.