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Julia fox brows

Julia Fox just had her eyebrows bleached off by Pat McGrath

The muse and #1 hustler continues on her path of chaotic beauty choices

When Julia Fox debuted her now-signature dramatic graphic eye look earlier this year, she brought some much-needed fun and playfulness to the celebrity beauty world. While most stars play it safe with pretty make-up and classic looks, Fox went balls-to-the-wall bananas with her beauty – and we loved it. 

Following an absolutely lawless make-up tutorial where she demonstrated how she creates her looks – including applying foundation like a deep tissue massage and smearing black eyeshadow across her face – Fox has now made another chaotic but brilliant beauty choice: she has bleached her eyebrows off. 

Fox unveiled the fashion-forward look last night in LA when she stepped out in a massive, and backless, leather trench coat by Paul Benzing courtesy of her stylist Briana Andalore. The eye make-up itself was kept surprisingly minimal which only lent more attention to the brows which have been completely bleached away. “Major shout out to my mother queen Pat McGrath for these brows!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

This is not the first time Fox has worked with the legendary make-up artist – it was McGrath who was responsible for creating her original black graphic eye, which she later went on to bring to Versace. Thus far, Fox seems to be happy with the look. “Since I bleached the brow I get stopped on the street way less and even tho I fkin love u guys I’m enjoying this false sense of anonymity,” she wrote on her stories. 

Bleached brows are a timeless go-to for anyone looking for an edgier beauty look and is often a favourite for editorial and runway make-up artists. “I personally love a bleach brow if you are going to experiment with eye make-up looks,” says Kiko Kostadinov make-up artist Colette Miller, who has been increasingly seeing the look on people on the street. “I think people are more down to experiment with beauty now than ever before.” 

To create the look for yourself read our guide to bleaching your brows here. Or, if you’d rather just dip your toe into the trend first, no judgement, watch our tutorial on how to fake bleached brows with make-up here.