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A witch’s guide to using scent magic to manifest your dreams

Whether you are looking for focus, relaxation, love, pleasure, or abundance, there’s a world of scents and smells that can help get you there

Semra Haksever is a witch, intuitive, healer and empath. She is the author of Everyday Magic and founder of Mama Moon, a collection of magical scented candles and potions. She has practised reiki, crystal therapy and moon rituals for over 20 years. Working from her studio in East London, Haksever focuses on feel-good empowering magic, helping her clients raise their cosmic vibrations and connect to the universe. 

Both scent and magic are invisible to us, which instantly creates a powerful connection to the unseen.  As a witch who works closely with scent magic, I love the combination of how herbal folk law, mysticism and science come together. The ritual of burning herbal blends and resins dates back to ancient times, when they were burnt as offerings to gods, goddesses and deities. Worshippers believed that they felt the energy of the gods through these offerings, but looking back it is more likely that it was the burning scent of the aromatic blends which had a physical energetic effect on them. 

Our sense of smell is the most primal of all of our senses. Though we are unable to see it or touch it, we are always aware of its potent presence, which is connected to the ancient limbic system in our brain. It is this part of the brain that stores memories and not just our own personal memories – the memories of our ancestors are stored in our DNA and said to go back as far as five generations. These deep rooted memories can be easily triggered by different aromas which can often have a powerful impact on our being, both physically and emotionally. 

When I’m working with scents, I create blends with oils and herbs to help tune into the right frequency and to invoke the emotions and feelings to get you into the right state of mind. It’s a brilliant ritual for manifestation and helping you call in what you want or shift your mood and energy. There are many ways you can work with scent magic including oil blends, as incense with a charcoal disc or through candles. 

Scent magic helps to transport you to the energetic frequency for whatever it is you may want to be working with – focus, relaxation, love, pleasure, abundance or safety, there’s a world of scents and smells that can help get you there. It’s instant magic.

Here is a guide to using scents in your practice. And remember, when sourcing your own herbs please do so sustainability and respectfully of indigenous cultures and communities, particularly with sage. You don’t need to use a smudge stick, a few leaves can be just as powerful.

Cinnamon - Will help you feel safe and bless your home. 

Coconut - A great one for grounding and protection and immediately transports you somewhere warm thanks to holiday memories. 

Frankincense - An ancient resin used as an offering to your ancestors and spirit guides for extra protection.

Lemon - Something we use so often in the home, it’s perfect for cleansing and inviting in new beginnings.

Patchouli - A rich and abundant aroma that works as a magnet to manifest good fortune and love.

Rose - Work with rose to summon self love and call in love.

Rosemary - Can help you connect to your third eye and your intuition

Sage - A powerful cleansing herb, banishes negative energy and clears toxic vibrations.

Thyme - Can help guide you to make the right decision and trust your inner wisdom.