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Jennifer Aniston, Rachel, Friends

Jennifer Aniston discusses her ‘love-hate’ relationship with the Rachel

Difficulty managing the haircut apparently inspired the Friends star’s new haircare brand, LolaVie

Just last week, Jennifer Aniston teased her new beauty line, LolaVie, in an Instagram post that placed her iconic head of hair front and centre. Now, the brand’s first (and so far only) product has arrived, confirming what everyone suspected: the Friends star has pivoted to haircare.

In case you were wondering, that new product is a detangler, which promises to be “the best friend you call everyday (who always supports you and wants to see you become stronger over time)”. According to Aniston, the launch is also inspired by her own “hard-to-manage hair”, and particularly the haircut that, once upon a time in the 90s, inspired thousands of trips to the salon: the Rachel.

“Over the years, I’ve gone in and out of loving it and not loving it,” she says of the hairstyle in a new interview with Refinery29. “At this point, you sort of just sit back and appreciate the history of something so simple as a haircut. Twenty-something years ago, I was thrust into this hairdresser (Chris McMillan)’s chair, and he was like: ‘What are we going to do with you?’ Then he just chopped my hair to bits and I had the haircut.”

“Prior to that, I had never had a haircut that got compliments,” she adds. “I loved it... when Chris styled it.”

However, it wasn’t an easy haircut to self-style, apparently. “That’s where the love-hate of it came in,” Aniston goes on. “I have no skill in styling my very-wavy, hard-to-manage hair. It’s taken me years, and it’s ultimately what landed me here.”

Announcing the launch of the detangler in a September 8 Instagram post, Aniston also teases that there’s “so much more to come”. A trademark for LolaVie that was reportedly filed in July 2019 covers other beauty products, such as: “Lotions for face and body, non-medicated soaps for face and body, non-medicated preparations for care of the skin, bath gel, deodorant, and hair care preparation.”

Take a closer look at LolaVie’s Glossing Detangler above.