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Get the Rachel: Jennifer Aniston is launching a beauty line

TextFelicity Martin

We’ve got reason to suspect it’s a haircare brand...

There was a time when – if you’re old enough to remember – everyone was taking printed out pictures of Rachel Green to the salon. From her boob-length hair to the more voluminous bobs, her choppy, poker-straight layers in Friends defined an era in hair styling.

Now, Jennifer Aniston has revealed that “something’s coming”, via her Instagram – and we’ve got reason to believe that it’s a haircare brand. Sharing two photos on herself on a photoshoot, both images show only the back of her head, leading us to predict (and hope) that a line involving hair products is on the way.

In the images, she’s tagged the account ‘lolavie’, which has posted an image of Aniston with a date of September 9 (presumably the launch date), as well as a stack of books – science! – and what looks like a shower product.

The lolavie website offers a few more clues, displaying the tagline ‘naturally you’ alongside an image of botanical ingredients in test tubes. You can enter your details to learn more about the launch.

A trademark for LolaVie was apparently filed in July 2019, and covers beauty products such as “lotions for face and body, non-medicated soaps for face and body, non-medicated preparations for care of the skin, bath gel, deodorant, and hair care preparations”. So there you have it – see you in Central Perk.

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