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Ikea candle
Courtesy of Ikea

We have no beef with Ikea’s new meatball candle

Does it sound weird? Yes. Are we intrigued? Also yes.

From eau de vagina to a fragranced journey through 2020 (banana bread, hand sanitiser, and Joe Exotic’s aftershave, naturally), when it comes to candles there’s a full spectrum of scents available. Want your living room to smell like Drake or Harry Styles? No problem! A Parisian opium cafe? We’ve got you covered. Can’t get enough of the fragrant scent of Ikea meatballs? There’s a candle for that. 

That’s right, Ikea has just launched a new Swedish meatball-scented candle. Yes, that sounds like an April Fool’s marketing campaign. Yes, that sounds like one of those ideas you have when you’re stoned that you think will change the world. But it’s real, it’s here, and it’s available to loyal Ikea customers.  

On Wednesday, Ikea announced it is celebrating the tenth anniversary of it’s loyalty program with a “Store in a Box” gift competition. Between today, August 6, and August 22, Ikea Family members can enter to win the box which aims to recreate the sensory experience of visiting a store and includes the special-edition Huvudroll candle as well as a number of other merch which are being kept mysteriously under wraps. A spokesperson for Ikea told People, however, that the boxes will be “a surprise and delight item that takes the best, more recognisable pieces of an Ikea store.” 

There will be 986 winners of the prize box, while another 1,925 lucky runners-up will walk away with just the beefy candle. So if you love the smell of freshly cooked Swedish meatballs, or perhaps you have a vegan friend nostalgic for meat smells, don’t waste a second! Or just stick with Kim Kardashian’s orgasm.