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Dolly Parton scent beauty launch music

Dolly Parton is dropping a new song for her beauty launch

‘Sent From Above’ will be used to promote the singer’s upcoming fragrance line: Dolly – Scent From Above

Good morning reader! While you were tumblin’ outta bed and stumblin’ to the kitchen (to pour yourself a cup of ambition, naturally), Dolly Parton was busy making moves. 

Since the end of last year when it was first announced, we’ve desperately been awaiting more info on the singer’s debut fragrance and foray into the beauty world. The wait is finally over as it has now been announced that the heavenly fragrance line, entitled Dolly – Scent From Above, is set to drop on July 28. 

Comprising of two fragrances, a body cream and mist, Parton tells WWD that she’s been working on the scent for two years. “When I signed my branding deal with IMG, I thought, ‘I’m going to start with perfume.’ Everybody has always told me how good I smell,” she says. “I felt like a mad scientist trying to find the right combination, but we did.” 

To help promo the launch, the singer has revealed she has written a new song – “Sent From Above”. “I think I’ll have a fun time promoting it and enjoy getting out there and talking about it,” she says. “I really want to see how people respond to it.”

While the launch is still over a month away, Parton is already working on her next beauty venture. “I’m going to be doing wigs, and accessories and make-up,” she shares. “I’m going to hopefully create a scent for the men in my life, too.”