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lil uzi vert pink diamond forehead implant

Lil Uzi Vert on why he got his $24m pink diamond forehead implant

The rapper revealed the story behind his controversial accessory in an interview with Fat Joe

By now, you’ll be familiar with the chaos of 2021 – it’s much like the chaos of 2020, but somehow even more chaotic. 

It’s only February 16 and already we've seen so much happen, including Gorilla Glue Saga chapter one, two, and threethe trend for drawing on eyeballs (the more colourful, the better), and we’re still waiting on answers from Drake about this haircut.

As equally chaotic as its peers was the news that Lil Uzi Vert had a $24m pink diamond implanted in his forehead, drawing comparisons to Marvel’s Vision (no Wandavision spoilers, please). 

For all those confused, Lil Uzi has now explained why he got the implant in an interview with Fat Joe on IGTV. The rapper explains that initially he wanted to get the diamond in a ring, but changed his mind. “I’m Lil Uzi. I’m turnt up,” he says. “So $24 million on a ring is the stupidest idea because I’m gonna look down and that ring ain’t gon’ be there… I know me. I wake up in odd places and different sceneries.”

Previously having dermal piercings on his face, he wanted the implant in a different place, but was advised against it because of the size. “Don’t think it was just a ‘come on, let’s go get his money,’ he explains. “No, bro, they argued me down. It’s almost insane to the average person, or to any person.”

Watch the full interview below.