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Mei Kawajiri AKA @nailsbymei

Hunter Schafer has Studio Ghibli-inspired Ponyo nails and we’re obsessed

The collab we never knew we needed

Mei Kawajiri AKA @nailsbymei has done it again. The Japanese artist, who’s worked with everyone from Kim Kardashian and the Hadid sisters, to Balenciaga and Tom Ford, has posted a video of Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer sporting super cute nails inspired by Studio Ghibli’s 2010 film Ponyo.

In the video, Schafer tilts her nails towards camera, saying: “I have Ponyo nails right now. It’s just that good that I have it on my body.”

The actor has just starred in the second of two bonus episodes of Euphoria, and will resume her role as Jules in the second season – though the release date is yet to be revealed.

Directed by the OG Hayao Miyazaki himself, Ponyo is an aquatic romp about a goldfish princess, who encounters a human boy named Sosuke, before deciding that she wants to become human. Watch the trailer below and find out about Ghibli’s upcoming limited edition art books here.